Introducing the All New Foursquare [VIDEO]

Foursquare has developed a 30-second video promoting its major overhaul. The short clip gives layusers a quick glimpse at what the app is now that it has evolved from a check-in app.

Foursquare says, “Our phones should learn about us – our tastes, our social connections, and our preferences. And, using what they know, they should help us better explore the world around us.”

The all new Foursquare app was built to realize this vision. It will help you find things based on your tastes, the places you like, and the friends and experts you trust most.

Upgrade to the all new, smarter Foursquare app. Download for iPhone or Android today.

All-New Foursquare Launch Set for Aug. 6

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley posted this photo on Instagram Tuesday afternoon, teasing at the release of the all-new Foursquare app. According to Crowley, the update will be available for download on Wednesday, Aug. 6, presumably for iPhone and Android devices.


He says, “New @Foursquare app launches tomorrow (!!!) Very excited to show you all what we’ve been working on…”

The reimagined Foursquare will continue to serve as a personalized local search engine. Foursquare takes the user’s location and history of places visited into consideration when recommending the best places nearby.

With its release, check-in functionality will officially move from Foursquare to Swarm, the native check-in app released by Foursquare in May. Also, look for mayorships to disappear for good with this update.

Swarm Update Moves Profile to Bottom Navigation Bar

Swarm has updated its iOS app (v. 1.0.7), making a few minor, although noticeable changes.

The profile icon has moved to the lower navigation bar. Profile information can still be accessed by clicking your photo in the top left-hand corner. Adding a profile icon to the lower navigation makes accessing your check-in history, lists, tips and other profile stats even easier. Notifications are now tucked in the profile tab, as well.

Swarm profileSwarm notifications

A performance update you cannot see but likely will notice is the improvement made to location accuracy and speed. Swarm is getting faster and better at recognizing your location, placing you at the most likely venue based on your location and check-in history.

This update also makes sharing your check-in to Facebook and Twitter easier, by placing social sharing icons on the check-in page. Now you can tell Swarm where you want your check-in shared before you hit the check-in button. Previously you could only share it after checking in.

Swarm also claims to have made sharing photos easier, although I do not notice any changes to this functionality.

Download the latest version of Swarm for your iOS or Android device.

Share your thoughts on the latest update (or Swarm in general) in the comments.

Foursquare Introduces New Logo to Compliment its Revamped App


New Foursquare logo (July 2014)

In “a couple weeks” Foursquare will roll out its entirely rethought local search app. Checking in will no longer be part of that experience. It will instead focus on delivering local, hyper-personalized recommendations to its 50+ million users.

This massive update, Foursquare says, is “all about you.”

Here’s what you can expect to find in the new Foursquare.

1. Starting tomorrow (Jul. 24), all check-ins will be moved over to Swarm. Past check-ins, photos and other data will not be affected in the transition.

2. Most noticeably, Foursquare has completely redesigned their iconic check mark logo. The new logo draws inspiration from a map pin and superhero emblem. Being equipped with Foursquare in a new city is like having superpowers. Hence the superhero theme it embodies.

3. Finally, Foursquare and Swarm will now possess the functionality to be used effectively on their own or as a pair. Users who have both apps downloaded on their phones will see a check-in button on venue pages, while users with just the Foursquare app will not.

Example venue page for non Swarm-user (left) and Swarm user (right).

Foursquare says, “no two users will have the same experience on the app.”

Learn more about the new Foursquare update by reading this post on the Foursquare blog.

Latest Swarm Update Introduces Useful Venue Data

Foursquare’s check-in centric mobile app, Swarm, recently received an update that provides users with more venue information, among other things.

Things to look for in the latest update:

1. More mayor. With every check-in you will now see a leaderboard showing who of your friends has visited that venue the most, and who the current mayor is.

Swarm Mayor Leaderboard

2. Easier sharing. Swarm claims that this update makes sharing check-ins to Twitter and Facebook easier, although I don’t notice a change here. Check-ins can still be shared immediately after the check-in, by tapping the Facebook and/or Twitter button, or, go back to the check-in page later on, and click the up arrow icon to share.

3. Better check-ins. Swarm claims they’ve made several improvements to the backend, making checking in faster and more accurate.

4. Venue information. The most useful of all updates: learn more about the place you’re at. Now, when you check-in, you’ll see a few photos of the venue and have quick access to the map.

Swarm Venue Photos

I would still love to see the phone number and hours listed in Swarm. Maybe that functionality will be provided in a future update, but for now you’ll still get bounced over to the Foursquare app to see that information.

Swarm wants its users to continue sending ideas and feedback to They claim to have a lot more updates coming our way, so stay tuned!

If you haven’t already downloaded the latest update for Swarm, do so today.

Swarm Preps for World Cup with Soccer Ball Sticker

It’s no secret that Foursquare, the makers of Swarm, are diehard soccer fans. Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley being the biggest fan of them all.

So it makes sense that in light of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, that Swarm would do something to get its users amped up for corner kicks, head butts and GOALLLLS! Swarm has apparently added a special sticker in celebration of the World Cup soccer tournament – a soccer ball – to each users collection.

Swarm World Cup soccer ball sticker

Swarm gives users a soccer ball sticker in celebration of the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament.

Stickers, which were first introduced with the launch of Swarm in May 2014, can be added to a users check-in to help convey an emotion (similar to an emoji) or indicate visually what they are doing at the time. Stickers replaced the much loved badges users were accustomed to getting when they checked in at certain places.

Expect to see the tiny digital soccer balls bouncing around Swarm the next four weeks, as the FIFA Word Cup began today (Thursday, June 12) and runs through July 13.