After Credits Foursquare Connected App (REVIEW)

After Credits notification when checking into a movie on Foursquare.

It seems like a lot of movies lately are featuring “stingers” during the credits.

After Credits is a Foursquare Connected App that tells you whether or not there will be a clip during the credits when you check into the movie.

The screenshot above was taken when I checked into the movie, The Campaign. It’s Will Ferrel’s newest rendition of Will being Will.

Chances are good that I would have sat around an extra 30 seconds to see the end of this one anyways. This particular genre of movie is prone to having outtakes or an added scene at the end, most of which are quite hilarious. Remember the after credits for The Hangover (1)?

Give After Credits a shot. This app is practical for both the box office movie buff and the every-now-and-again movie viewer. As always, make sure to shut off your phone during the movie!

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